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Arizona Zero Money Down Solar Lease Agreements

Zero-Down Solar Lease Program for Residential Homes in Arizona

Solar Leases for Residential Homes

Go Solar in Arizona's mission is to utilize Arizona Zero-Money-Down Solar Leases to make it as easy as possible for residential customers to install solar power panels on their home's rooftop. People love the idea of going solar because they know it will save them lots of money on their electric bill, but many are convinced that solar is still too expensive and that there is no way that they can afford to install solar based on their current monthly budget.

The truth of the matter, however, is that residential homeowners cannot afford to pass up the chance to install solar as soon as possible because every day they wait they will be losing more and more money. Right now customers can install a solar power system with zero money down and no money out of their own pocket. Once customers figure that there is virtually no risk with a zero-down solar lease program, it is very easy for them to decide to go solar.

And unlike purchasing a solar power system outright, with a solar lease agreement customers do not have to worry about keeping track of federal/state solar tax credits, how much money is left in the utility's solar rebate program or how much money they need to charge on their credit card or withdraw out of their bank account in order to make a large down payment.

Solar Leases in Arizona for $0-Money-Down; No Out-of-Pocket Costs

Go Solar in Arizona's solar lease agreement is the perfect way for homeowners to go solar without the high initial cost of installing a solar power system. Instead of purchasing solar panels and depleting their savings account, Go Solar in Arizona pays for all of the equipment and installation costs. Signing a solar lease requires zero money down and no out-of-pocket costs. Customers simply sign a lease and in a matter of weeks their solar panels will be installed and begin producing clean green solar power.

Solar Lease Saves Money on Electric Bills

Everyone should know by now that solar electricity is much cheaper to generate than carbon-produced electricity because it converts the sun's free solar energy into clean electricity without burning expensive coal or gas. The more solar electricity that a rooftop produces the lower a customer's electric bill will be each month. Customers still pay a small electricity bill plus the solar lease payment, but overall their electricity bill will be lower. In a sense customers are simply replacing a dirty power plant, which produces air pollution by burning fossil fuels, with a clean solar power plant that produces clean free electricity. Saving money and going green at the same time is great for the pocketbook and even better for the environment.

Solar Lease Savings Increase over Time

Residential homeowners are usually surprised at the amount of electricity that a solar power array can generate during the first year of operation. And as the price oil, coal and gas continues to increase so does their solar savings. Producing solar power is very similar to buying gasoline at the prices charge in 1996. If customers had a choice, not many would prefer to pay $3.59 per gallon when they could be paying $1.20?

A solar power system can produce electricity for around four to eight cents per kilowatt hour (kWh). Right now APS, the largest electric company in Arizona, charges twelve cents per kWh for off-peak energy and much higher for on-peak energy. Electricity prices on average increase about 5.8% a year. Even with just a minimum increase of 3% year, when neighbors compare electricity bills 15 years from now, they will be shocked to see that households without solar panels will be paying more than twice as much for electricity as the household that installed solar panels. Why not lock in your electricity rates now for the next 15-20 years at zero money down?

Solar Lease Tax Credits

Many families on fixed incomes do not pay enough each year in taxes to be able to deduct their 30% federal solar credit or the 10% Arizona state tax credit. Go Solar in Arizona works with investors that have deep pockets, large tax bills and can afford to wait for tax credits and solar rebate checks. These investors need the tax credits to offset their tax liability at the end of the year. Not only do they receive the tax benefits and but they also enjoy PR publicity value they receive for helping residential customers go solar.

Solar Lease Solar Rebate Checks

Most families also cannot afford to wait several months for the utility company to mail them a solar rebate check or wait twelve months to file a tax return and be able to use the tax credit as a write off. Customers that sign a solar lease agreement do not have to work about taxes or rebate checks. They just sign the solar lease agreement and Go Solar in Arizona does the rest.

Solar Lease Profitability

Many customers want to know how Go Solar in Arizona makes a profit. The company is an expert at utilizing investor financing, tax credits and solar rebates to pay for most of the solar installation cost. The remaining cost that would have been paid out of pocket by the customer is financed. Go Solar in Arizona makes its money back on the finance charge in a similar way to how car dealerships make money when they finance a car purchase or car lease agreement. Go Solar in Arizona makes a profit on the financing. Investors receive tax credits. Customers receive a zero-money down solar installation. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Solar Leases Increases Monthly Cash Flow

Because solar lease customers do not require a big down payment and receive a lower than normal electricity bill each month, their monthly cash flow improves. The savings may not be huge, but it is enough to make a noticeable difference. The important thing to note is that one-by-one Go Solar in Arizona customers are paying less to produce their own clean energy.

Solar Monitoring and Power Production Guarantee

Zero-Down Solar Lease customers can proactively monitor their solar system's performance every day to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Each solar power system is engineered for maximum power production and is guaranteed to produce free solar electricity for 25 years.

Solar Lease Referrals Earn Extra Income

Signing a solar lease agreement with Go Solar in Arizona can even provide an opportunity for new customers to make money by showing off their new system to potential customers. During the installation process many friends, family and neighbors will have fun watching the crew install the solar system. Many of them will have heard about solar, but most have not seen a real solar system installed. During the installation many neighbors will ask customers: How much the system costs? How much power does it produce? and How much money they can save?

When they find out that they can sign up for a solar power installation with no money out of pocket, they will want one too. Customers can refer these business leads to the Go Solar in Arizona Solar Lease Channel sales team. If a business lead turns into a signed contract, the customer makes a referral commission for each business lead they referred. If the customer has a knack for sales and brings a signed solar lease agreement to the table, they earn a sales commission. It is a great way for people to make money if they are seeking extra income.

Solar Lease Transfers

If the customer sells their home before the end of the solar lease agreement, the customer can transfer the lease to the new owner if they qualify, or they can prepay the lease and add it to their home's sales price. A solar power array makes a home more attractive than competing properties. When faced with a choice most customers prefer a home that can produce its own clean green electricity over another home that does not.

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