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Go Solar in Arizona
Green Building Programs

All local governments in Arizona need to implement ordinances mandating or recommending "Green Building" standards in new construction. These measures can increase energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and decrease other harmful environmental impacts.

Green Building Programs generally consist of mandatory or recommended building requirements mixed with an assortment of incentive, education, and recognition programs (as outlined above).

These programs generally attempt to persuade or mandate developers to use holistic and interdependent approaches towards integrating environmentally responsible designs and features into new developments.

Many programs utilize third party design guidelines, such as Green Points, the US Green Building Council's LEED or the National Association of Home Builder's National Green Building Program.

Promoting Solar Power and Energy Efficiency

Most Green Building Programs are relatively broad in scope, and focus on more than renewable and energy efficiency technologies alone. Still, they provide an important vehicle for encouraging solar power, and they are often heavily weighted to focus on energy efficiency and alternative energy technologies.

Green Building Programs often work best at encouraging developers to meet or exceed the standard building codes when paired with an incentive. While there are many different types of incentives that can be used, cities commonly use incentives in the form of rebates or reimbursements, or preferential treatment such as expedited permit review, expedited inspections, or even permit variances such as increased floor-area-ratio or unit density.

Scottsdale's Green Building Program is probably the best example for other communities to research before launching one for their community.

And the DOE's Guide to Building Solar Powered Communities is a good resource for communities that want to launch a solar powered building program. Solar advocates can use this guide simply to stimulate ideas, or as a framework for a comprehensive solar plan for their community.

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